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1. When was the school established?
Queen Mary school was established in 1875 as the Bombay Indian Female Normal School by Ms Harriet Butt of the Zenana Bible Medical Mission, UK

2. When are admissions opened in QMS?

Admissions for playschool are opened in the month of November while plans open in the month of March for other classes.

3. In which classes can a student get admission to?

Admissions are available from Playschool to Form 8. For Form 9 and Form 10, prior approval of the ICSE is required.

4. What are the age requirements for admission to various classes?

a. Playschool - children of the age of 2½-3 years as on 31st December.
b. Form 1 - 5 years and above as on 1st June
c. Respective incremental age for higher forms

5. What is the admission procedure to be followed?

Please refer admission procedures and guidelines on this site for details.

6. Are there any reservations for / against students of a particular community?

There are no reservations for any community in the school. Admission is granted subject to the application satisfying all eligibility criteria.

7. When and how are fees to be paid?

All fees are to be paid by cheque at the school office by the due date. Parents desirous of paying full year's fees in advance can do so in the month of June. For parents paying in installments, a circular is sent at the beginning of every term for installment due.

8. Is any caution / security deposit to be paid during admission? If yes, when is this refundable?

An interest free caution deposit of Rs 10,000/- is to be paid at the time of admission. This is refundable when the child leaves the school, provided there are no dues outstanding against her account. Refund will be made by cheque within 15 working days after submission of Refund application form with original receipt. Download the Refund Application Form to print, fill it and submit it.
Download form in pdf format (88kb) | Download from in word format (24kb)

9. What would be an indicative annual expenditure apart from fees?

In addition to fees, a student has to pay for the long or short tours, camps, etc, that are arranged for students from time to time. Also students will have to pay for the extra activity classes they enroll for.

10. In addition to English, are classes conducted in vernacular languages also?

No. Medium of education in the school is English, except for vernacular languages that are part of the curriculum.

11. Are any vernacular / foreign languages compulsory for students?

Hindi is prescribed as the second language while Marathi is prescribed as the third language compulsorily for students.

12. Are special coaching classes conducted by the school for class X students after school hours or during vacation?

Yes. Special classes are conducted after school hours or during the vacations. Special attention is given to weak students by teachers by spending an hour with them after school hours.

13. Does the management have any tie-up with other educational institutions for further education?

Not at this point of time though Queen Marians comfortably secure admissions at premier educational institutions for further studies.

14. When is computer studies included in the curriculum?

Computer studies are introduced as early as Form1 and is compulsory for all classes till Form 8. It is optional for students of Form 9 and Form 10 as other subjects are available for students to pursue.

15. Do students need to carry their own sports kits?

No. Basic kits for sports activities are provided at the school.

16. Is music taught in the school?

Yes. Music is taught in school as part of co curricular activities.

17. Are emergency precautions like a first-aid box and fire extinguisher available in school?

Yes. The school is equipped with a first aid box.

18. Which is the nearest railway station and how far is it from school?

The school is ideally located at a 5 minutes walking distance from Grant Road railway station and 10 minutes walking distance from Charni Road railway station on the Western metropolitan railway.

19. Does the school provide school bus facility? If yes, reaching which areas?

Yes. The school provides school bus facility on two routes, one covering areas from Worli to school while the other covers areas from Warden Road and Walkeshwar to school from the South.

20. Are hostel / dormitory facilities provided for students?

No. Queen Mary is a fully day scholar school and hence does not provide accommodation facilities for students.

21. How many examinations are conducted during an academic year?

Major internal examinations are conducted thrice a year apart from regular class tests.

22. What are the promotion rules?

Please refer to Promotions given under school rules and regulations. Please click here to find out.

23. Where can students buy prescribed books for the curriculum?

Students can buy prescribed books from the school premises in the initial weeks of April and June every year.

24. What is the maximum number of students in any class?

Approximately 40 or less. Never greater than 45.

25. Where can students purchase their uniform?

Please refer to the uniform section under school rules and regulations. Please click here to find out.

26. What other activities are the students exposed to apart from academics?

Students are encouraged to participate in a variety of activities ranging from sports, games, art, music, debates and quizzes at the inter house level to the national level.

27. What are the school timings?

Please refer to timings given under school rules and regulations. Please click here to find out.

28. When are parent teacher meetings and open days conducted?

Parent teacher meetings are conducted thrice a year, a month before the comprehensive examinations. Open days or report reading days are also conducted thrice a year just after the examinations.

29. When are travel concessions given?

Travel concessions are given during mid-term (Aug), Diwali (Oct-Nov), Christmas/New year (Dec-Jan) and summer vacations (Apr-Jun). Please refer to rules for applications.

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